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Pay a Federal Ticket Online

Pay Online

The Central Violations Bureau (CVB) is a national center charged with processing U.S. District Court Violation Notices (tickets) issued and payments received for offenses committed on federal property, like national parks and military installations, or for violations of federal law that occur elsewhere. Learn how to pay your federal ticket through this site, and find resources and answers to common questions.

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Options After Receiving a Federal Ticket

You are charged with an offense and received a ticket. Figure out what your next steps are:

  • Are you required to appear in court or do you want to contest your ticket? The My Options page includes information on a mandatory or optional appearance in court and when you can expect to receive your court date.
  • You received a ticket and want to confirm it is a U.S. District Court Violation notice. View an example ticket or check the status of your ticket on the About My Ticket page.
  • Pay your ticket online or by mail.
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Call for information or to speak with a representative:

(800) 827-2982 or (210) 301-6400


Call for information regarding your court date or “Notice to Appear,” information on contesting a ticket, finding out when payment is due or to verify a payment has been made.