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About My Ticket

Federal law enforcement agencies nationwide issue violation notices (tickets) to people who commit offenses on federal property, such as federal buildings, national parks, military installations, post offices, Veteran Affairs medical centers, national wildlife refuges, and national forests. A ticket might also be issued for violations of federal law that occur outside federal property as well, for example, migratory bird offenses that occur on private property. These tickets are sent to the Central Violations Bureau for processing. 

Different federal law enforcement agencies may issue tickets with slight variations. The top of each ticket will say: United States District Court Violation Notice.

Most tickets issued can be resolved by paying the amount on the front of the ticket. If you received a ticket, check to see if Box A is checked, meaning appearing in court is mandatory, or if Box B is checked, meaning you can choose to pay the ticket or have the option to appear in court. Learn more about these options

Each ticket will include a location code and violation number which are required to pay your ticket online or by mail.

Check Status of Your Ticket

Once a violation notice is issued, the federal law enforcement agency must submit copies to CVB for processing. This usually happens within 30 days, however, it can sometimes take up to six weeks before a ticket gets entered into the system. Contact CVB at 1-800-827-2982 and use option 4 to hear an automated recording with the status of your ticket, whether CVB has received the ticket yet, or if CVB has received your payment.